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                              Thank you for visiting Liberate: Unconventional Reintegration Solutions brand new website.  As a soon to be non-profit organization, our goal is to rehabilitate and provide much needed support for disabled veterans in the Bend area.  With your help, we will change the lives of the men and women who have defended this great nation 
and her values selflessly.  To thank these heroes, and to prevent them from being forgotten, we have created this organization to mend their bodies, minds, 
and to rebuild their, and everyone who participates, sense of community.

 In order to make this a reality, we need your help.  As a non-profit we will rely on the generous donations of this great community to operate.  Our promise
  to you is that this organization, unlike others, will always be fiscally transparent. As President/CEO, and Vice President/CFO, we will never collect a salary.
   This company operates to give back to the men and women who need us.

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